Are you anxious, over-stressed, or in pain?  We are the the mainstream, therapeutic, inexpensive solution for you.  Relax.  Heal.  Become your full, authentic self.  Just by listening to your chosen MP3 every day. Below are some of our most popular:  

  Drift into healthy, deep sleep.  33 min.

  A time-honored relaxation practice, in the privacy of your own home. Recommended for stress, trauma, and PTSD.  27 min.

   Travel to your own private place of wellness.  31 min.

  Ahhh..... Hike the trails of the beautiful desert and swim in a turquoise pool.  27 min.

  Learn how to gain release and win happiness.  24 min.

Guided visualizations use pleasant, significant images that, through repetition while the mind is completely at rest, create new neural networks in the brain. This re-trains the mind for happiness and success.  Old, unhelpful patterns are replaced.  Soothing female voice with low background music. You can do this. Listen today!